Why Do You See More Spiders During Fall?

With each season, the temperature varies. In this case, the main focus is on Fall. Many people are enjoying the cold weather. Nonetheless, there is the issue of encountering pests such as spiders in your home. 

You may have come across a spider in the living room or any other room in the house. Also, you may have come across a spider web at the front door. During Fall, one thing is certain: spiders can invade your home in large numbers. You may ask yourself why this happens during Fall and which are the most suitable solutions to get rid of the spiders during this period.

Spiders usually hatch during spring, and they grow during summer. We will notice the presence of spiders during Fall compared to spring.

The spiders also mate during Fall. The females are the ones we see on the spiderwebs, whereas the males usually roam around. You can now see why there are many spiders everywhere during Fall. For starters, the spiders that hatched during spring are now fully grown. Also, the spiders are now mating. The spiders have been there all along; it’s just that we couldn’t notice them all along. After the mating process, the spiders will disappear again, and you’ll hardly notice them.

During winter, you’ll also notice many spiders in your home. The low temperatures are the main issue, and the spiders are looking for a warm place to reside.

Since there are many spiders in your home during Fall, which steps should you take to prevent the infestation? We’ll list some steps below, and you should adhere to each one of them accordingly.

Some of the prevention tips you should use include:

Seal Gaps & Cracks Around House

You can use silicone to seal the gaps and cracks present at the doors and windows. Before you seal each of these areas, you need to clean them first and get rid of any sealant that was installed previously to ensure the silicone will adhere well. For those with a garage attached to the house, there is the need to fit the bottom of the garage door using a rubber seal to ensure the pests won’t have entry points. The rubber seal will also preserve heat within the house during winter. The bottom track can be sealed using foam meant for weather-stripping for sliding doors.

Maintain the Garden

You should ensure that all the holes present have been sealed for those who have a lawn to ensure water won’t accumulate. You should know that pests thrive in a damp atmosphere. As a result, you should clean it regularly. The plants are also supposed to be pruned periodically to ensure there won’t be bushy growths. The garden should be well maintained and clean to ensure unwanted pests such as spiders won’t pose a major issue.

Ensure the Kitchen is Clean

Pests prefer a damp and dirty environment. To ensure pests won’t invade your home, ensure the entire kitchen is clean. During the cleaning process, use a disinfectant cleaner. Also, the food particles lying around should be eliminated since they can attract pests. This tip won’t entirely help to get rid of the pests completely. However, the number of pests will reduce significantly. Also, after pest control, it is important to clean the house to ensure there won’t be the risk of getting infected any time soon. It’s logical reasoning that when a pest invades your home, they won’t stay for long if they don’t find a source of food.

Schedule Pest Prevention Service During Fall

During Fall, you can contact Jersey City Exterminators for all your pest prevention needs. We’ll are exterminators who eliminate the pests as you enjoy the outdoors while not stressing yourself about pests. At our company, we’ll ensure your home is protected from pests ahead of time. Feel free to reach out to us today through (201) 460-6068. We’re at your service!