Remove Birds & Other Avians From Your Home

Despite the fact that birds may not seem to pose much of a threat to your family, business, or property, they may create quite a few problems. Other bird species, such as pigeons, doves, finches, and sparrows, seek for areas to nest that are protected from the elements. This may result in the birds deciding to make your property their permanent home, which may result in property damage, disease, unsightly droppings, and even infestations of bird mites or fleas. 

Several species may even engage in antagonistic behavior after constructing a nest in order to fend off possible threats to their eggs and avoid the loss of hatchlings. If you have a persistent problem with birds on your property and need help from skilled professionals to keep them away, contact Poway Pest Control Company. They will send a qualified bird control professional to check your house or company.

Why Should You Choose Poway Pest Control Company?

Poway Pest Control Company’s avian and wildlife pest control solutions use the integrated pest management strategy to ensure the following:

  • Dissuade and repel birds safely by using effective bird abatement and exclusion strategies.
  • Remove the potential threats to health and safety presented by infectious diseases and parasites spread by birds.
  • Keep the area free of birds by doing basic maintenance and inspecting it often.

Furthermore, our firm is locally owned and operated, and we have over 20 years of experience developing and implementing effective bird prevention and control solutions. Our company has created bird-control technologies that have been implemented in the homes of hundreds of people, resulting in their pleasure. When dealing with a pest control company, you deserve the peace of mind that our pest-free guarantee provides. Because our team is licensed, trained, bonded, and insured, you can be certain that the bird problem will be treated properly.

Various Bird Control Service Options

Poway Pest Control Company’s bird-control solutions use an integrated pest management strategy, which refers to the practice of using a range of additional control methods in addition to extermination. Avian pest control systems that are both successful and non-lethal contain many treatment methods that give long-term solutions.


The first step in controlling bird populations is determining which kind of birds are responsible for the problem and where their nests are situated. This will aid in identifying the most efficient eradication procedure. This may be difficult in certain situations, particularly if the birds are not active or in the area when the examination is taking place. 

Any information or photographs regarding the look or behavior of the birds that can be provided to the bird control specialist may give some hints as to the kind of bird that has to be removed from the premises. Taking images of the birds while they are actively breeding, perching or flying may help with identification and speed up the treatment process. Take similar photos if it is possible.


The exclusion serves to ban or limit access to areas that may otherwise be used to house a bird’s nest. This may be done in a variety of ways. This kind of pest control does not directly damage the birds; rather, it keeps the birds from entering your home and forces them to seek alternate habitats elsewhere. To keep humans and animals out of an area, use screens, bird netting, or wooden boards to cover tiny gaps and entry points.

Perch Modification Systems

Perch modification devices, in addition to exclusion, which prevents birds from accessing your home, may help to reduce bird activity on or near your property. Exclusion is a technique. It is feasible to reduce the quantity of accessible landing areas for birds by utilizing a range of bird deterrents such as hot wires, exterior perimeter bird spikes, and bird coils.

Deterrents to Changing Behavior

These methods include using loud noises, bright lights, and unpleasant odors to drive birds away from a certain spot. These are designed to obstruct the nesting process.

All Food Sources Must Be Removed

You may help reduce the number of birds in the area around your property by minimizing the quantity of food available. However, it is likely that bird populations are increasing due to food sources outside your control; so, this strategy makes sense only as a supplement to our other treatment options.


If recurring services are booked, continued bird control will be part of the standard pest management maintenance plan after the exclusion measures are in place. If the services are hired on an ongoing basis, this will be the situation. Our experts will be on the watch for fresh nests and droppings so that we can remove any trace of birds before they move in.

Various Types of Birds

Poway Pest Control Company has considerable experience dealing with the following Southern California nuisance bird species:

  • Pigeons
  • Crows
  • Starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Seagulls

Advantages of Hiring Professional Bird Control Services

Although birds seldom pose a direct threat to humans, they may create a variety of difficulties, some of which might result in health issues or property damage.

The great majority of bird species may host parasites like fleas and bird mites. Bird mites and fleas will first infest their nest, where they will molt and lay eggs, before moving on to your home.

Scavengers such as pigeons, crows, and seagulls may create a mess of waste and may even cause property damage in their hunt for food. Crows eat carrion as well. Bird droppings cause a variety of issues:

  • When pigeon droppings are allowed to dry, they form a fine powder that HVAC systems may pick up and disperse. Those who have respiratory problems or allergies are at a higher risk of illness when they breathe in dirty air.
  • They have the ability to corrode and discolor a number of building materials due to their acidic nature.
  • They carry a variety of infectious diseases and viruses that may be transmitted to others.
  • If you leave them alone for too long, they will become unappealing, and the expense of cleaning them up may become too expensive.

Infectious Diseases Birds are Responsible for Transmission

Birds may transmit disease and are known to harbor a broad range of diseases, including bacteria and viruses. Humans are in danger of getting avian infections, which may escalate to life-threatening ailments as a result of this. The following are some of the most dangerous illnesses that birds may transmit:

  • Salmonella is a bacteria that is often found in the droppings of pigeons and seagulls. It has been connected to paratyphoid fever and salmonellosis.
  • E. coli is a kind of bacterium that is often transferred by seagulls and has the potential to cause serious infections including septicemia and gastroenteritis.
  • Psittacosis is a lung disease that may be induced by inhaling bacteria found in dried pigeon or seagull excrement. Psittacosis may be spread by inhalation.
  • Histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis are two illnesses that may be caused by fungal infections found in seagull droppings.

Contact a Bird Control Professional As Soon as Possible

In the absence of an effective preventative and control strategy, nuisance birds are unlikely to go on their own. These birds may cause considerable problems as well as new health issues, both of which may be easily managed with the help of qualified professionals. Call Poway Pest Control Company as soon as possible to have a professional bird control and removal specialist come to your home to help you apply exclusion and deterrent measures to keep unwanted birds away from your property.